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Kinder Care

Do you want your child to get an early start in learning as well as an opportunity to explore his talents at a very young age? Do you live in the area around Bexley, OH and you been looking for a center that offers kinder care services or a child learning service? The answer is there is a wonderful facility! At Kids Learn & Care, we offer exactly these services with a passion to seeing your child become the best that he can be.

Bringing your child to our center will help to develop academic intelligence at an early stage. There is evidence to show that children who are taken through early toddler and pre-school curriculum are able to grasp their academics easily when they start school. Well, everyone wants an intelligent child, so it will be great for you to give your child an opportunity to go through our curriculum which are made to match with their age and abilities.

Our caregivers are also trained to deal with children who may have some issues in terms of behavior. We will gently mold your child to become more positive in character. This is done in a wise and systematic way so that the child is able to adjust as he changes for the better.

At Kids Learn & Care, we also help the child to get over the fear of starting school. This is because he will already have gotten used to the routines and settings of being at a learning facility. The child will also have a clearer knowledge of where his strengths and gifts lay. For example, if he is artistic or more inclined towards numbers, this will come out as we take him through our curriculum.

We are located right in your area of Bexley, OH, so don’t hesitate to pay us a visit and see for yourself the type of kinder care services and children learning center that your child can benefit from! You are also welcome to look at our website at

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