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Childcare Center

Are you tired of constantly hiring babysitters? Do you live in the Westerville, OH area and you have been looking for a safe daycare or childcare center where you can take your child? Well, you will be pleased to know that there is a very safe, reliable facility right in your area. We are called Kids Learn & Care.

At Kids Learn & care, your child's safety and security are our priority. Whether the child is an infant, toddler, or pre-schooler, we have excellent caregivers who have several years of experience in handling children. 

Your child will quickly learn how to interact and socialize with other children of the same age. This is a great benefit, especially if your child has never had the opportunity to enjoy interactive play with others, maybe because he is an only child. He will enjoy this very much!

If you have a terribly busy schedule at work and you hardly get time off, then you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is in a safe, clean environment while you are at work. The fear of having an incompetent babysitter will no longer be a concern. Our staff will be very happy to play with your child and allow him to express himself/ herself freely. We will also help him to be potty trained if he has not yet managed to learn, and while at our center, your child will also learn to how to fit into routines. This will be great for you also at home because he will be able to stick to the routines you give him without any resistance.

So if you live in Westerville, OH, let your search for a childcare center come to an end. Feel free to check out our website at, or contact us at Kids Learn & Care and get the very best daycare facilities available in this area!

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