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Child Care

Do you live in Gahanna, OH and you have not been able to find a daycare and childcare center that suits your needs? Are you tired of your child being mishandled and misunderstood at childcare facilities? Well, we have great news! Kids Learn & Care located in Gahanna, OH is exactly the kind of center you have been looking for.

We have a spacious, child-friendly facility with sufficient safe toys which your child will enjoy playing with. We also ensure that our center is free from dust, mites and any other parasites that may affect your child’s health adversely. It is our responsibility to ensure that your child remains healthy, especially during the period that he is at our center. Studies have shown that children who are taken to daycare or childcare centers at an early age tend to be less prone to sickness when they start school. Therefore, your child will be healthier than other children who were kept at home.

At Kids Learn & Care, we also teach your child the very important skill of sharing and communicating with others. This is actually a very vital life skill which he will use throughout his young life as he goes through school. Most children are born with natural selfish tendencies. Once you bring your child to our center, our experienced caregivers will gently begin to train him in this wonderful virtue of giving and sharing. This will also be a benefit to you as your little one will be the best behaved in school and also in other children’s functions because they will have learned how to interact fairly with his age mates.

You now have a great daycare center right here in Gahanna, OH where you can confidently leave your child and not worry about how he will be treated. At Kids Learn & Care, we are passionate about what we do. Give us a call today or go to our website at child deserves it!

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