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Affordable Daycare

Are you overwhelmed with all the challenges that come with being a stay-at-home mom? Do you live in New Albany, OH and urgently need to find an affordable daycare center and you have even searched online for daycare near me because you haven’t been able to find one yet? We welcome you to Kids Learn & Care, where you will find very efficient services at a very reasonable price!

At Kids Learn & Care, we are interested in you having a happy, healthy child and as an extension, a happy home. Our compassionate caregivers are very talented in directing your child’s energies in the right areas so that he is able to express himself safely and creatively. We understand that as a stay-at-home mom, you sometimes get very frustrated simply because of the number of things you need to accomplish in a single day. So at Kids Learn & Care, we relieve you of all this pressure by keeping your child at our center for the day, and we don’t charge you unreasonably for it.

Your child’s emotional health is of utmost importance to you and also to us. Young children tend to pick up negative emotions, especially from parents. You can easily protect your child from picking up any negative feelings from you, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed. Our center has a very positive environment and your child is able to come home feeling built up and emotionally healthy.

You will also benefit emotionally as you will get opportunities to interact with other parents who bring small children to our center, and you can share your different experiences and build each other up as well as exchange ideas on how to handle your children.

So you can now stop searching online for daycare near me. You can instead visit our website at because you have just found a very affordable daycare center right in here New Albany, OH. We look forward to hearing from you!

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